Jennifer J. Walker featured on Environmental Professionals Radio

In late January of 2022, our principal-in-charge, Jennifer J. Walker, sat down with Environmental Professionals Radio. Walker spoke with podcast host Laura Thorne and discussed small business opportunities, field stories, and vegan eats.

Walker covered her love of water resources from an early age:

 “I think it probably started back with water resources when I was about 11. My parents’ basement flooded repeatedly when it rained, and I was the one tasked with sweeping the water into the drain. And I got tired of doing it. So, I thought ‘let’s figure this out’ and realized that the whole backyard drained into the window well, which basically then just flooded into the basement – so not quite environmental, but I did dig a little swale and reroute the water out to the front yard curb and gutter.”

Walker also touched on what led to the formation of Watearth, Inc, which has now been thriving for more than a decade:

“At the time, I was working purely in hydrology and hydraulics and flood control, which is a great field. I really love it. And I’m passionate about it, but it just didn’t have the breadth that I was looking for, [and I was] wanting to tie back to some of my earlier environmental work and a lot of the sustainability and resiliency that I was doing outside of work. I really wanted to bring that into our practice. I looked at positions that were out there, there wasn’t really anything at the time that was a good fit in terms of where I was in my career and wanting such an integrated approach. And that’s what led me to start Watearth.”

The podcast is 35-minutes long. You can listen to the full show, which covers much more, here:

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