We have extensive experience evaluating the hydrology and water quality impacts and developing mitigation plans for urbanized and less developed areas from a watershed-level down to the smallest site. We have successfully provided services from planning and modeling through design, construction, and maintenance phases.

Watearth’s staff have completed hundreds of hydrology and hydraulics studies, FEMA submittals, and flood control, storm drainage, and water quality designs. Projects range from regional SF Bay Area GI, City of LA Sidewalk EIR with hydrology modeling for the entire City of LA, and City of Houston Regional Stormwater Master Plan covering all watersheds in the city, Statewide Natural Channel Design project Texas Water Development Board, and Winding Meadow and Willow Creek watershed studies. Watearth has also conducted site-specific design and expert witness for flood control failures and water quality and erosion issues. FEMA submittals experience includes flood plain fill, structures, converting Zone As to studied streams, and experience in restudying watersheds on behalf of FEMA.

Watearth brings significant 1D/2D and steady/unsteady flow experience. Watearth Principal Jennifer J. Walker has presented HEC-HMS Modeling Bootcamp, HEC-RAS Modeling Bootcamp, and HEC-RAS Unsteady Flow Modeling Bootcamp seminars on behalf of the Floodplain Management Association. Additionally, Watearth has presented national seminars through the American Society of Civil Engineers on Advanced Detention Routing focusing on a range of advanced modeling programs, including HEC-RAS unsteady flow, HEC-HMS, XP-SWMM 1D/2D Flow, Innovyze, and others. Watearth staff began using XP-SWMM 2D flow capabilities when it was released in the mid-2000s and have remained at the cutting-edge application of software, incorporating a wide range of two-dimensional flow programs on a range of projects from watershed level studies to CIP designs to ensure that proposed storm drain improvements solve structural and roadway flooding.

Watearth’s team are experts on hydrology and hydraulics modeling and mitigation of impacts from flood control projects and fill in the flood plain. We are skilled with conveyance/flood plain storage and detention solutions tailored on a project-by-project basis and watershed-specific using standard technical processes and review checklists to ensure that projects are FEMA-compliant, work with regional solutions, and do not cause unintended impacts.

  • Bridge Hydraulics and Scour
  • Climate Change
  • Complex Modeling (1D/2D, Unsteady Flow, Continuous Simulation)
  • Criteria Manuals
  • Detention and Flood Control
  • Drainage Master Plans
  • FEMA, Flood Plain Mapping
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Reservoirs, Dams, & Levees
  • Sediment Modeling
  • Storm Drain Design
Halls Bayou Regional Detention
City of Austin Drainage Criteria Manual Development