Nuview Union School District 100% Stormwater Infiltration

Prepared water resources and sustainability sections of the Master Plan and EIR for the Los Angeles Zoo accounting major steep slope, landslide, erosion control, and liquefaction issues. Prepared treatment filtering exhibits. Participated in stakeholder involvement and outreach workshops. Estimated water demands, conservation, recycled water, and other conservation measures. Incorporated use of recycled water. Includes NEPA/CEQA and water quality impacts to Los Angeles River. Evaluated water treatment and filtration options for exhibits, including exhibits requiring high-level of filtration for life support. Evaluated treatment of exhibit water before discharging into wastewater system. Performed water budget analysis and evaluated stormwater treatment, wastewater treatment, and wastewater reclamation at existing Hyperion Plant. Performed two-year, ten-year, and 100-year design storm event and continuous simulation modeling in EPA SWMM for hydrology and water quality. Included stormwater, animal exhibit water, excess irrigation runoff, and wastewater from the Zoo. Included centralized storage and treatment and overflow to the LA Glendale Water Reclamation Plant and discharge to the Los Angeles River. Performed water budget modeling of centralized, underground stormwater storage and use to meet all on-site irrigation demands.