Port of Corpus Christi Authority Drainage Master Plan

Developed a Storm Water Master Plan for the Inner Harbor and Rincon areas by managing storm water volume and quality of receiving waters under various growth and development scenarios. Implemented Green Infrastructure for new stormwater Best Management Developed Green Infrastructure solutions that work in conjunction with gray infrastructure. Provided technical input, support, and peer review for GIS-based Green Infrastructure sizing/site selection tool for the PCCA. Provided land use characterization, identification, evaluation and recommendation of GI features to improve water quality at the Port. Provided guidance and recommendations on depths to groundwater, depths to bedrock, slopes, liquefaction risk, soil type, land use, impervious cover, and buffers from contaminated sites related to applicability for Bioretention, Vegetated Swales, Porous Pavement, and Stormwater Wetlands. Assigned weighting and fuzzy logic weights for decision support system (DSS) analysis to determine suitable sites for these BMPs. Performed SWMMM hydrology, hydraulics and water quality modeling. Worked to develop CIP, O&M Plan, design details and criteria, and technical reports.