City of Houston Halls Bayou Sub-Regional Detention Analysis and Parker Road CIP

Construction of the Halls Bayou sub-regional detention basin represented the first of a series of potential sub-regional detention basins identified in a study of all of the City’s watersheds led by Jennifer J. Walker, P.E., D.WRE, ENV SP, CFM included in a report entitled City of Houston Sub-regional Detention Master Plan. The Halls Bayou sub-regional detention project was intended to mitigate stormwater impacts from the Parker Road Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) project. Excess capacity within the detention basin was available for mitigation of future CIP projects, private development projects, or for general flood reduction in conjunction with the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD). Discharge from the detention was into the HCFCD’s Halls Bayou regional detention/wetlands basin and detention and vegetation design were integrated for a seamless transition and to enhance aesthetics.

Watearth performed updates to the hydrologic and hydraulic analyses performed as part of the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER). Watearth performed regional detention unsteady flow modeling in HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS. The project also included developing landscape architecture (trees) along the basin perimeter, developing interpretive signs, water quality analysis, recreational features, and modeling the Parker Road area storm sewer in XP-SWMM. Performed regional detention modeling in HEC-RAS unsteady flow and HEC-HMS. Performed XP-SWMM storm sewer modeling. Performed water quality analysis. Developed recreational features. Created trail alignment. Provided landscape architecture services. Selected tree species and developed planting plan. Developed tree planting specifications. Designed interpretive signs. Included seamless connection to Halls Bayou regional basin. Developed construction, O&M, and life-cycle costs for sustainable stormwater features.