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About Us

Watearth Mission Statement

To provide satisfying, tangible, and comprehensive solutions that improve the quality of life for the communities we serve and provide our staff with purposeful, challenging and rewarding opportunities while protecting and enhancing infrastructure, economic assets, and the environment.

Core Values

Responsive and Proactive Communication: We are dedicated to our clients’ projects and plan ahead to quickly attend to communicate any issues that may arise. Feedback received from clients throughout Watearth’s engagement is immediately incorporated into our Project Management process.

Streamlined Processes: Incorporating an integrated approach to providing sound solutions to address our clients' needs is paramount, as is ensuring economically feasibility and buildable implementation of the projects. Comprehensible documentation of methodology used on our projects is key for understanding results and for future updates or remobilization of a project.

Quality Deliverables: Understanding that perfection is aspirational, we strive to complete each task correctly and on time and to deliver projects that satisfy or exceed our client’s goals and regulatory agency’s criteria. Our team should feel proud of the deliverable presented and produced, and stand behind Watearth’s services.