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Watearth, Inc. combines extensive and award-winning experience in water resources, hydrology and hydraulics, Low Impact Development, Green Infrastructure, water quality, and environmental engineering with an unparalleled knowledge of sustainable stormwater and water management to deliver cost-effective long-term solutions to our clients’ environmental and water challenges. Our thorough understanding of today’s regulatory climate allows us to focus on our clients’ concerns and competing priorities within the context of today’s regulatory climate with a collaborative and integrated planning process.

Founded in 2008 by Principal Engineer, Jennifer J. Walker, P.E., D.WRE, ENV SP, CFM, QSD, we are a leader in water resources and integrating Green Infrastructure with flood control. We have extensive experience in implementing flood control, Green Infrastructure, and water resources projects in urbanized and undeveloped areas from a watershed-level down to the smallest site. We have successfully provided services from planning and modeling through design, construction, and maintenance phases. Our comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience allows us to “hit the ground running” with solutions that work for our clients.

Walker is Principal developer of a model on behalf of the Texas Water Development Board to evaluate water conservation Best Management Practices statewide. Walker’s experience also includes developing a California statewide Low Impact Development (LID) modeling tool for Phase II communities in collaboration with California State Sacramento’s Office of Water Programs, which is funded by the State Water Resources Control Board. Walker serves as LID technical expert on the San Francisco Bay Area Regional Green Infrastructure Tool and the San Francisco Bay Area Green Plan-It Master Plan in collaboration with the San Francisco Estuary Institute. Walker is adept at solving complex and politically sensitive issues and is ahead of the curve in integrating GI/LID, water quality, environmental, water conservation, and flood control. She has been a diplomate of The American Academy of Water Resources Engineers since 2008.

Watearth also provides high-level QA/QC of third-party work, peer review, and expert witness services to ensure our client's economic, community, and environmental assets are protected, a practice directly in line with our mission to provide for the well-being of our communities, staff, and the environment.

Searching for a rewarding career?
Watearth is actively hiring Stormwater Engineers and Water Resource Project Managers in Kansas City, Austin, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Sacramento. Send your resume and cover letter to watearth@watearth.com.

Watearth is an SBE/WBE/DBE certified business with multiple federal, state, and local agencies. Please contact us for additional certification details and to discuss teaming on projects.

Locations: Houston, Austin, Oakland, Sacramento, Los Angeles